I LOVE the whimsical playtime that all little girls create when dressing up. Whether it be as a fairy, a princess, or one of their favourite television or Disney characters. The chatter, stories and singing are such precious moments to witness.

LET her imagination run wild, as these cherished moments do become less and less as they grow up. Having said that my 19 year old daughter still loves dressing up and the out pouring of bad singing persists today and every day as she still entertains us no end!                                                                    At this age it's all about the festivals. So she certainly looks glamorous and quirky in our creations, but not so much when she reappears! (Oh to be young again)

My range brings all that is magical to the world of Princess fairy play, Teenage festival mayhem and even beauty on that special Wedding day.

LET her whirl and twirl in our beautiful soft tutu's. LET her imagination take flight with her very own customised fairy butterfly wings, and place a crown on her head as she deserves to be a true PRINCESS. (even if it sometimes tilts a little)

Embellished with sequins, tulles, pom poms, butterflies and all things sparkly she will be embracing the princess she was born to be.

Love Nicole ox